About The Block

AquaBlock Focuses on Pre-emptive Recycling.

Reusing materials for construction purposes is not a new concept, nor is making good use of long lasting durable materials. AquaBlock is designed to be used, re-used, refilled, re-shipped and in the end finding a safe resting place within wall and structures. This previously used container offers many benefits for building including thermal insulation, no-mold and no-rot.

Please remember that these construction blocks are in theory, FREE, as they were originally used to ship goods in the first place. Let make use of a waste stream with a better system; AQUABLOCK: Fill It. Ship It. Build It.

Two walls coming together to show how the blocks could build walls.

What is the block made of?

Made from 100% recyclable content = 100% Recyclable

HDPE plastic container with UV protection. So it is durable, rigid, and long lasting.
PLA (Corn plastic), biodegradable, earth-friendly, perfect for concrete forms.

How does it work?

The block is a multi-use modular vessel. Fill it. Ship it. Build it.

Benefits of the system:

  • Preemptive recycling = less waste* Send Supplies/food and Construction Materials in one shipment 
  • Concrete walls encased in PLA or HDPE forms provide thermally insulated
  • Concrete walls encased in PLA or HDPE forms do not absorb water and allow mold/mildew or rot to happen.
  • Concrete walls encased in PLA or HDPE forms provide a retrofit/earthquake benefit as the concrete as less tendency to crumble and fall apart.
  • AquaBlock offers many construction techniques for permanent or temporary shelter. Add: Rebar, AB-Rebar Toggles, AB Hanger Plate, Joist Ties, Buck-Bars and Brackets. 
  • AquaBlock ships on AB-Pallets pre-designed to be used as sub flooring and roofing for quick construction. 
  • AquaBlock can be covered with Siding, Drywall, or any other desired material for a long lasting structure.
  • AquaBlock is interchangeable with common CMU (Concrete Masonry Units) cinder blocks as they are the exact same dimensions.
  • AquaBlock offers a system for water filtration, storage and linear pipeline transportation. Add: AB Filter-Disks, AB O-Ring, Spigots and Pipe, *use of side ports.
  • AquaBlock can be used for Agricultural Aid to build green houses, delivery of water to crops, build vertical farming structures, and much more. *use of side ports.
  • Logistic Improvements: RFID Data tracking, no stretch-wrap or nylon banding around pallets.
  • Less waste, and a useful block from an empty container.
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