Our Mission

Building a better system for distribution of goods and materials.

A greenhouse made from clear plastic Aquablocks.
Quick, Easy Greenhouse

Partnering with…

Golden Ticket RFID promotes the return and collection of redemption products with lottery style winnings.

Embedded RFID Technology

RFID logo
Responsible management via embedded passive RFID chip.
Redemption value, usage data, product tracking and more.
Inside of the greenhouse with plants growing from blue Aquablocks.
Reclaimed, Recycled, Reused

Distribution & Development

The Aquablock is a re-usable HDPE/PLA modular container with UV protection that can be easily connected in order to build basic structures, filter water, and much more.

Ship water, grain, rice, goods, etc. with this modular container. Aquablocks are the same size as a concrete block (CMU). After the container is empty it can be used in many methods.

Visit the store for many add-on elements that allow the assembled blocks to be used as:

Blocks filled with rice on a pallet
Ship Rice, Water, Supplies
Aquablock Permanent Build
Aquablock Temporary Build
Aquablock Water Filtration

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